Maybe it's because I don't like Mangos

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am not a big fan of this drink and like the title suggests maybe it is because I do not like Mangoes. Actually that is not entirely true. One time we were at a music festival and someone had some cool mangoes so we cut them in half and we each got a half with a spoon. I scooped the meat out of that mango and ate it. That was the best taste I could have experienced at that moment and that one time I really loved mango. I have tried to recreate that taste cutting a mango in half and eating it with a spoon but it did nothing. There was no was to get back that moment.

This drink will probably be loved by anyone who likes to eat mangoes but if you don't then maybe you should opt out.


Jo Carson said...

Perhaps you haven't been eating ripe mangoes. They are sort of gross if they aren't ripe. Often times, commercial drinks/sauces/mango-anything are made with unripe mangoes, which is why they are bad. To get a good mango, make sure it is mostly shades of yellow or yellow/orange/red. It should be a bit soft and smell heavenly. Mmmmm, mangoes....

Are you going to come back?


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