They're Just Chopsticks

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love the mistakes in translation on the packaging for different items. These are just a bunch of chopsticks. We were going to buy a bag of those wooden ones that they give you in restaurants but then we thought for just a few cents more we could get these awesome plastic ones and so why not? I do not know what anyone would even need with ten sets of chopsticks (outside a party of course) but that is how many came in this package and it wasn't the smallest one available either. The directions state 1. Please sterilize it by boiling water. this is interesting because you do not have to put them in the water you just need to boil the water and then the chopsticks are miraculously sterilized. 2. Be sure to put chopsticks flat. I do not know what happens if you don't and by-the-way flat on what and when? 3. If there is oil spots, please clean it with cleaner? what oil spots exactly would those be? and why not boiling water?
I have so many things floating around in my head when I read these packages I wonder if other people think them too.



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