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Friday, July 4, 2008

I was was not introduced to Asian food much as a child but as I have experienced it through my life I like it more and more. I venture out to Japanese and Chinese food restaurants every once in a while but I was just recently introduced to the Asian Food Market. A grocery store full of nothing but authentic Asian food. Most of these items I am not familiar with. I do not know how to cook them or how to eat them or for the most part what they are made of in any way. The writing on most of the packages does not include a word of English. My husband and I have decided to do more of our weekly grocery shopping at this store. Why? Because we like a little adventure, it is a way to expand our minds, our palettes and feed our stomachs. So I invite you to join us. In this blog I am going to write about the different products we find in our trips to the Asian Food Market as well as any dishes that we make form these items and other fun things that may happen along the way.



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