Dirty Mushrooms?

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love mushrooms and when I say that I really do mean it. I like to grill a big portobello mushroom and put it on a bun and eat it like a burger sometimes even more than I like actually eating hamburger meat. Now I am not a vegetarian I am far from it, I like meat very much but I love mushrooms. All that being said these are not the best ones I have eaten.
We added these mushrooms to a little dish Scott whipped up with some green curry and some bamboo shoots. He has been working on getting it just right, he thought he got it this time I still think it was spicy hot but maybe green curry just is not for me. I need to order it out at a restaurant some time but I do not want to waste the money on something I do not like. Oh well I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it or more likely when I am in another restaurant that serves a green curry dish.
Anyway these mushrooms are dirty. They taste like they were not cleaned at all before they were put into the can. I do not think you have to clean things you take out of a can but maybe I am wrong. They not only tasted dirty literally, kind of gritty other than that they did not have much taste at all and that is what scares me. Maybe they were supposed to taste like that and if so I definitely do not like them or recommend them.



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