Pearl Milk Tea

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The name says it all. You do not know what pearl milk is do you? Nope! I did not think so, I did not either and so I read the ingredients: Water (ok I know that one) Pearl Starch Ball... What? It is only the second ingredient and they are already using the name in the definition. I looked everywhere and still can not find the definition of Pearl Starch Ball. Also the picture on the front of the can does not give any hints to the contents except to say that whoever markets this drink wants people to think they are special when they drink it.
It starts out simple enough tasting like black tea mixed with a little cream, not bad. It is very sweet too which is nice but I can see how it would get overwhelming to drink a lot of it, like sugary soda. About half way through the can everything changes. These little balls of sugary dough stream out of the hole in the top of the can and into my mouth. They do not taste bad exactly just weird very very weird. You may remember how I said a few days ago how I do not like to eat my drinks. Pearl Milk Tea is definitely not going on my favorite drinks list. The balls are slimy and thinking about them right now makes me feel icky somehow. I do not like to admit that about myself but it is true, the slimy balls at the bottom of my Pearl Milk Tea make me feel icky. I'm glad I got that off my chest.


Anonymous said...

Pearl starch balls = tapioca.

Hikikomorihime said...

LoL, pearl teas are the same as bubble/boba teas. Some people dig them, some don't. ^__^ I love them, although I sub the tapioca out with pearls from to avoid the excess of calories. I'd not be buying that drink unless I was buying it for my brother, who has the metabolism of a freaking hummingbird.


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