Yeo's Soymilk - Authentic Asian Drink

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back when I used to have a “real job” before the baby came and I entered the world of at-home-momdom I got lunch breaks. Oh those where the days. There was an Asian American woman where I used to work she was lactose intolerant and she would bring in this drink to go with her lunch. Basically it is soymilk but this version is much sweeter than any I have ever tasted before. At first because I was not used to drinking soy milk it tasted like regular milk that had been watered down with sweetener added but now it has developed a taste all its own. According to the ingredients all that is inside the can is soymilk and sugar cane. I have heard that this is something children would drink in Asian but I do not know that for sure.
Every time I go tot he Asian Food Market I always pick up a can of this drink. At least I know that I will like one thing that I come home with.


SM said...

Hi Rayna,

You can mix Yeos Soymilk with Yeos Grass Jelly(Cincau)drink. This is one of popular drink in my country.




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