Drink - Mandarin Orange Drink

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is my husbands favorite Asian drink. He lived in Japan for two years as a teenager and during that time he drank quite a bit of it, as I understand. He says you could buy it from vending machines all over. It is orange juice pretty much the same orange juice you would find at any grocery store but with a twist. It has a super amount of pulp in it. Somehow they have been able to keep the little juice filled bubbles in an orange intact so that you sort of drink and eat this orange juice. when you tip the can up you get juice filled with the little orange juice bubbles.

If you like Orange juice with pulp then you should try this, if not skip it. It tastes like orange juice but I don't like to eat my drinks and so I am not a huge fan. The thought of ordering it from a vending machine is pretty cool though. Maybe when we go to Japan if you can still get it from a machine I will try it again.



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