Hom Bao from the bakery

Monday, July 7, 2008

I have had Hom Bao before at a few Dim Sum restaurants. Usually it is filled with BBQ Pork or Beef or at least the times I have eaten it that is what was inside. Also usually it is good. Basically Hom Bao is a sticky bun filled with whatever you choose or more accurately whatever the cook chooses. I very much enjoyed the buns I had in the past and so picked these up last time we were at the market. This was a very bad idea. The Hom Bao of the day were not filled with BBQ or anything like it. The sign above them read "Pork" and I am sure this is true but they were not tasty BBQ pork they were filled with something more akin to pork innards. And by that I mean after taking a bit you could clearly taste and see the intestines and something yellow and egg like. I do not know what it was and I am not going to waste more time on the Internet to find out.
There were two different kinds of Hom Bao at the bakery that day we picked the ones sitting nicely on the plastic try covered with Saran wrap, the one with the nice "pork" sign. Next time we will try the smaller ones in little plastic sandwich bags.
Lesson: just because it has a sign and better presentation does not mean it tastes better.



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